Loss Prevention with PACS PLUS

If you’re facing issues with lost goods or equipment, we’d like to introduce our PAC PLUS solution, designed to track items conveniently. With just one scan, you can track up to 100 IDs, significantly reducing losses.

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Manufacturers and distributors often rely on pallets for production line storage and transportation, making them indispensable. However, without proper management systems, pallet losses can occur frequently, resulting in significant financial losses.

To minimize losses from missing pallets, we recommend using PACS PLUS, which simplifies pallet and inventory management. By turning your smartphone into a barcode scanner capable of reading up to 100 IDs per scan, PACS PLUS also comes with a backend system accessible via the PACS PLUS website, allowing your team to monitor inventory accurately.


Example 1:
After a food manufacturer implemented PACS PLUS to track 30,000 pallets valued at 3,000 baht each, pallet losses decreased from 15% annually to 3%, resulting in savings of up to 10.8 million baht.

Example 2:
After a household goods manufacturer used PACS PLUS to track 300,000 pallets valued at 1,000 baht each, pallet losses decreased from 15% annually to 6%, resulting in savings of up to 27 million baht.

These examples demonstrate how tracking goods or equipment can raise awareness of their value and significantly mitigate economic losses caused by missing items. If you are interested in purchasing racks, please feel free to contact us using the button below.

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